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Zorgboerderij "The Water Farm’ has O.Â. provide a relaxed, secure environment to offer its participants. A climate in which every individual can develop their full potential and develop.
The Waterhoeve’ accommodate a range of audiences. Each may have its. Anyone can at his level something for the other, do for themselves.

The range of activities is the year varied, tailored to the employees not fixed and full development. Activities currently performed:
– grooming, perform e.d. of horses, guinea pigs and goats and other small animals
– working in the ornamental garden
– working in the vegetable garden
– woodworking
– household activities and the boiling of the hot meal
– baking something for tea
– There may also be activities developed in consultation with employee

The Waterhoeve’ is production oriented. Also, the shadowing, watch and can be a valuable end in itself share the experience.

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